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Chemovator is the business incubator of BASF and supports venture teams to turn great business proposals into scalable and investable business opportunities.


Since 2018 we leverage the unique connection to BASF knowledge and domain expertise, ambitious founders, industry partners, universities, investors, and the entrepreneurship ecosystem to create deep tech opportunities that truly matter for our industry.


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With Chemovator you will have 30 vacation days. In addition, you will get time off on 24.12 and 31.12 if these days fall on a weekday.

Remote Work

Depending on team and position this varies, but Chemovator supports full remote work - as long as you are registered in Germany. You are free to work 70 weekdays per calendar year outside of Germany, but within the EU. 


Your working hours are as flexible as your work location.  As long as you coordinate with your team and do your work conscientiously, you can arrange your own working hours. There are no core working hours.


We love networking and support the exchange across teams. Therefore we try to organize as many get togethers as possible. We offer events like Insight Talks, Open Mics or digital come togethers. 

Deutschland Ticket

As a Job Ticket, Chemovator sponsors 50% of the "Deutschland-Ticket" with which you can use any cooperating public transportation within Germany. No matter when and where. 

Company Doctor

With your Chemovator contract you are also a employee of BASF, which allows us to access services such as the in-house company doctor. 

Accomodation Support

If you choose to move to Mannheim for your job with us - we support you with some temporary housing to make your house hunting easier. 

Access to BASF Grounds

As a Chemovator employee, you can get a BASF company badge and use it to visit the BASF grounds in Ludwigshafen. Especially the cafeteria there is supposed to be not too bad ;)

Our perfect match

We are always looking for motivated movers and shakers who want to join Chemovator or one of our Venture Teams.

Do you think you're not just brave, but also passionate about our joint vision?

Are you eager to contribute with all your expertise and knowledge?

Together we can shape the future of chemistry and turn great ideas into businesses.

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Our application process

You are interested in working with us? We are looking forward to your application! To know what to expect, here is an overview of our application process:

Online application

After you submitted your application, you will get a confirmation per e-mail, that we received your application. Now your application is being viewed and a preselection is made.

First Feedback

Within two weeks we will give you feedback if an interview will take place.


It depends on the position, how many interviews there will be. For a student position it is usually 1-2, for a senior-level position 2-3 or more since more people are involved in the hiring process. Regardless of the position, the first interview is always by telephone or video call.

Welcome to the team

After positive feedback in the final round, we will start the administrative onboarding process and send you the contract!

Open questions?

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in contact with us!

Can I submit a speculative application?

If you checked all our open positions and there is nothing suitable for you, you can always send us a speculative application. You can get in contact with us above via the button "Talentpool" or contact us via E-Mail, which you can find below under "Contact".

Why are many positions on a temporary basis?

Most of the positions are on a temporary basis because our Venture Teams are temporarily in our Chemovator program. When the Venture Teams successfully spin off after their time here, they will be a separate, independent company and therefore there will be new contracts from the new company of the Venture Team.

Are there application deadlines?

There are no application deadlines, most of the times we are looking for someone to start as soon as possible, if not stated otherwise in the job description. As long as the position is online, the position is not filled yet.

How long before my desired start date should I apply?

Usually our positions need to be filled as soon as possible, so there is no need to apply long time before you want to start. We would suggest to apply 1-3 months before your desired start date.

What documents do I need to submit with my application?

It is mandatory to upload your CV. If you want to, you can upload a cover letter, but this is no must. If you have employment references and certificates from university or from your apprenticeship, you are welcome to attach them too.

What is the difference between Core Team and Venture Team?

Venture Teams are teams build around business ideas Chemovator invests in. Venture Team members are working on one specific idea with the goal to build up a successful business case. The Core Team is the base of Chemovator. They support and guide the Venture Teams throughout their journey and represent Chemovator as investor.

Do you offer internships for school pupils?

Unfortunately, we only offer internships for students who are enrolled at a university or who finished their studies and want to do an internship on a trainee level. Desirably, the internships will last 6 months.

How can I best prepare for my interview?

  • There is no special preparation needed since the interview is for getting to know each other in a comfortable atmosphere. Here you can ask all the questions, that are on your mind.
  • In a later interview (2nd or 3rd round), a case study or something similar is possible, but we will let you know in time, if this is the case and how to prepare for this.

Is remote work possible?

Yes, this is definitely possible, the only prerequisite is, that you are based in Germany. Depending on the position and Team, your presence in the office is required from time to time.

Can I organize my working hours flexibly?

You can arrange (with consultation of your teamlead) your working hours according to your preferences.

The website of Chemovator is in English, does this mean, you only operate in English in your daily business?

Our main communicating language is English since we have a lot of nationalities here at Chemovator. Depending on the Team your working language will be English or German within your smaller team. But the communication within the whole Chemovator is always in English.


Tobias Seeger

Head of HR

Viola Isele

Junior HR Business Partner